Canon EOS C200 Cinema Camera (EF/PL-Mount)

Canon EOS C200 Cinema Camera (EF/PL-Mount)

Giá thuê: 1.800.000 đ/ngày


  • Internal 12-bit 4K RAW
  • Smaller file size with “Cinema RAW Light”
  • Records RAW to CFast 2.0
  • Up to 59.94 fps in 4K 10-bit


  • Internal UHD MP4 recording – 150 Mbps
  • Records MP4 to SD card (>U3)
  • Up to 59.94 fps in UHD 8-bit (4:2:0)
  • Up to 120fps in HD with full sensor readout

Additional Features of Interest

  • Super35 CMOS sensor & active EF mount
  • Advanced Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus with touch screen and face detect
  • 5 Internal ND filters (up to ND 10!)
  • Good low-light performance and low noise
  • HDMI and SDI outputs
  • XLR inputs on the body
  • Proxy Recording onto SD card